Dear Editor,

I write in response to the article about a Wausau man charged in weekend near-fatal heroin overdose, Published on May 2, 2019, in Sirens.

First, let me say that I do not condone dealing heroin. But, this situation makes me wonder about the legality of this whole situation. How can somebody be responsible for the actions of another?

Think about it. He just sold the heroin, which is illegal in itself, but he didn’t make the person use it. What about a Bartender, that serves alcohol to someone who goes out and kills someone driving home from the bar, drunk. Is the Bartender responsible for that person’s actions? Or, what if a clerk at a convenience store sells someone a case of beer, and they go home and drink the whole thing, then they beat up their wife. Is it the store clerks fault for selling him the beer that led to the crime? Or, what about a person that sells a gun to an individual that goes and uses that gun to commit suicide, should the seller of the gun be responsible for the actions of the buyer?

When a person overdoses on prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical company and Doctor aren’t charged criminally. As I said, I DON”T condone dealing heroin, and this guy should be charged for that crime, but is he really responsible for someone else’s choices and actions? It’s terrible and I feel bad for the person that overdosed, but that’s on them, nobody forced them to use the heroin.

This doesn’t make any sense, legally speaking.

Gary A Wadzinski
Weston, Wisconsin

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